Eye on the Economy

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Eye on the Economy: making sense of recent economic events provides a weekly curated round-up of key economic developments of relevance to Canadian workers.  It also includes a main commentary piece on a topical theme.

Its a more regular e-weekly complement to CUPE’s quarterly Economy at Work publication.  In a time of never-ending tweets and a plethora of blogs and other media, this weekly compendium is intended to help you manage your information.  Please subscribe by signing up here.

Other excellent related e-news services that complement this include Rank and File, Canadian Social Research Links, and Perry Work Report (subscription required for recent issues).

Send suggestions or comments to tsanger@cupe.ca and tweet or follow at @toby_sanger.


Past issues:

Parables of privatization: a cautionary tale of two telcos (May 25, 2015)

Rising household debts and corporate surpluses (May 15, 2015).

Alberta shows progressive alternatives can win (May 8, 2015).

Sex and spending in federal budgets (May 1, 2015) + Week in Review w/ economy no grow, underground economy, GM to cut 1,000, intergenerational divide in household debt, never stop working, workplace deaths, business R&D investment to drop, AG critical of Tory tax credits, Hydro payouts, Cdn corps in tax havens, average earnings and pay equity pays off.

The Big Squeeze in federal and Ontario budgets (April 24, 2015) + Week in Review Federal budget analysis, Harper’s granddaughter, teachers reject austerity, Ottawa subsidizes VW expansion in Mexico, EI claims rising, Happy?, early retirement, CEO payoffs under attack, major corporation tax gap at $100 billion, Canada considered a tax haven, restore the royalties.

The dodgey half dozen tax dodges continued (April 17, 2015) + Week in Review  w/ Fight for $15 gains momentum, what about $70k minimum?, inflation rising & economci growth declining, federal cuts killing jobs, no P3 penalties for corporate crime, Hydro Gone?, Whack a union bill back in senate.

Tax time: top 6 tax dodges. (April 9, 2015) + Week In Review w/ Balanced budget legislation tragedy then farce, Selling out GM, Jobs finding workers, Wage hikes for lowest paid in US, John Baird cashing in, the high cost of Conservative child care, and Class action education workers ready for strike.

Slow bleed of austerity returns in provincial budgets. (April 2, 2015) + Week in Review w/ economic growth not yet atrocious, no future for Future Shop employees, wage increases, profits permanently higher, still working on the edge and diversity recognized.

Budget forecast: hot and stormy (March 25, 2015) + anemic job growth, attacks on public sector wages, corp profits at record (again) and time to focus on the working class (says Harper’s alam mater).

Why are the banks suddenly interested in job quality–and will it make any difference? (March 11, 2015) + where the new jobs are, if I had a million dollars, if I had a billion dollars, Alberta disadvantage, and pension performance.

Piecing together the puzzle for better pensions (March 3, 2015) + Premier Prentice, academic workers on strike, TO capital of inequality, unions good for equality & economy, $4.5 million for financial freedom, and latest on GDP and inflation!

Who gets paid more, public or private sector workers? (February 25, 2015) + “deeply troubling” TFSAs, record corporate profits, women with the numbers, but not the power, public servant engagement down and shifting economies.

Why are women leaving Canada’s workforce? (February 18, 2015) + how low can interest rates go, railroading workers, close to the line and low wages, no benefits.

Canada’s (hidden) dimensions of inequality (February 4, 2015) + right to strike, GDP droops, and the share the scraps economy.

Ending austerity & Syriza’s Greek victory (January 28, 2015) + oil spillovers, changing economic fortunes, the cost of unpaid care and the Premier’s $60K baby-blue T-Bird.

Plunging oil prices expose cracks in Canada’s economy (January 21, 2015) + retail job losses, one big union in Nova Scotia, wage gains modest, extreme inequality in Davos, taxing wealth and the CEO who raised wages after reading Piketty.

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